Framing FAQs

What’s a frame moulding?

Moulding is the term used to describe material that is cut and joined to be assembled into a picture frame. Wood and metal are the materials most commonly used to make moulding and are offered in a variety of stains, glazes and finishes. In addition to custom framing flat artwork and three-dimensional objects such as framing sports memorabilia, these mouldings are also used to create unique photo frames, decorative framed mirrors and ready made movie poster frames.

What is matting?

Matting A decorative board that is used in a framing package to both enhance the art, and ensure that the glazing does not rest directly on the artwork causing irreversible damage.

What is glazing?

Glass or acrylic set or made to be set in a frame that protects the artwork from light, dust and other environmental hazards. There are different levels of glazing, from lightweight acrylic and regular glass to more expensive specialty products like anti-glare and anti-reflective glazing.

What is preservation matting and framing?

It is the appropriate housing to display the intrinsic beauty and interest of an object, while prolonging its life by securing the object in a mechanically and chemically stable environment. It minimizes the problems caused by deterioration of the components of the object itself and other problems introduced by environmental factors such as air pollution, heat, light, and humidity

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